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ULTRATAN has been providing the ultimate tanning experience for over 23 years. Established in 1990 in Greenville, SC, we are the largest privately owned tanning salon company in the Southeast. ULTRATAN has seen consistent growth throughout the years and currently has over 85 locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.. And we’re not stopping now!

We are not a franchise. Each of our salons receives special attention from our focused and qualified team to ensure your comfort, satisfaction, and safety.

With all these years of experience and number of tanning salons, ULTRATAN knows tanning. We understand that you want a beautiful tan at a reasonable price.

Our cleanliness, knowledgeable staff, cutting edge equipment, and emphasis on customer service shine through in each of our salons. We hope you will take a few minutes and browse through our website to learn what makes ULTRATAN different from other tanning salons. You will learn that you just haven’t tanned until you’ve ULTRA TANNED!

If you live in South Carolina or North Carolina, chances are there is an ULTRATAN tanning salon near you. Experience the latest in cutting edge beds including sunless tanning at over 82 locations.

  • ULTRATAN has won Best of the Upstate, Best at the Beach, Best in Charleston, and Best in Columbia year after year
  • ULTRATAN is a member of International Smart Tan Network(IST) and a member of Indoor Tanning Association(ITA)
  • The International Smart Tan Network is dedicated to educating indoor tanning professionals and the millions of customers they serve. (IST) is a synergetic worldwide consortium committed to researching and promoting the responsible, life-long skin-care regimen of moderate sunning for individuals who can develop a tan and sunburn avoidance for all.
  • The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning: "Don't ever sunburn!"